A New Era of WEB Security

Always-on, impenetrable DNS shielding that bolsters your online presence with lightning-fast domain resolution and an uptime guarantee.

DDoS protection

Shield against DDoS attacks targeting DNS servers

DNSSEC support

Enable DNSSEC authentication to prevent DNS spoofing/poisoning

Web application firewall

Block exploits and bots from attacking web applications

Real-time monitoring

24/7 monitoring to quickly detect and mitigate threats

Redundant DNS servers

Ensure DNS availability with multiple geographically dispersed servers

Easy API integration

APIs for automating DNS management and security controls


Security Services & Solutions

Ultra-secure and reliable DNS services to keep your online presence protected 24/7. Our globally distributed DNS infrastructure utilizes advanced security tools and redundancy to achieve 100% uptime.

DNS Toolbox

Premium Tools, Services & Resources

Our DNS services offer features such as query logging, analytics, alerting, filtering, a graphical interface, API access, speed testing, failover testing, zone import/export, and configuration audits to help manage, optimize, and secure your DNS infrastructure. We provide an efficient and effective solution for all your DNS needs.


Proactively Eliminate Vulnerabilities 

The ultimate solution for protecting your website or web service from malicious threats. Our service acts as a first line of defense, filtering out potential threats before they can reach your site or service. With our advanced filtering technology, we block malicious DNS queries based on IP, domain name, or DNS record type, significantly reducing your attack surface. This not only protects your website or service from potential attacks, but also helps maintain its performance and reliability. Our service provides real-time monitoring and automatic alerts for any suspicious activity, ensuring that you are always aware of potential threats and can take immediate action to mitigate them. With our DNS filtering service, you can rest assured that your website or web service is safe and secure.

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